Modern Art
Modern art must be made using computers and must reflect the conscious mind of cultures making and using contemporary technology. The modern artist is extropian.

Drawing with pencil and charcoal or painting with oils and watercolors by hand is not modern art. Sculpting by hand and making jewelry by hand are not modern art. Non-digital photography is not modern art. For modern artists, it is obvious that anyone who claims these are modern methods is delusional, paranoid, deliberately deceptive, or is simply technophobic.

Modern art students instinctively protect themselves from such teachers and schools. These teachers know their students are mostly young, inexperienced and trusting. These teachers will continue to defraud their students, because they are too lazy and decadent to learn what is happening in the world today and pass it on to their students. Such teachers are easily recognized, but deserve the cautious pity of modern artists.

Dying, disappearing cultures often cling to outmoded systems when confronted by robust, growing cultures. Unemployed monks smashed Gutenberg's printing presses. Oppressed Native Americans attacked trains. Hillbilly moonshiners attacked treasury agents. Fundamentalists in post World War I Turkey violently opposed Ataturk's edicts. Disgruntled workers everywhere still throw wrenches into machines.

For similar reasons, art teachers refuse to teach modern computerized methods. They seldom visit the millions of online galleries. Few build web galleries themselves. They don't know how and don't want to learn. They have closed their minds to the modern world. These art teachers don't care that they are cruelly crippling and sapping their students' minds and robbing them of their futures, while stealing their tuition. Everything these teachers have learned is now obsolete, and they know it. These paranoid technophobes would rather die than modernize. (Rather be dead than well read.) The modern world will miss neither their brazen arrogance, their numbing ignorance nor their bizarre antitech ravings.

For any teacher to be of any value for today's student, that teacher must have an optomistic vision of the future, and help the student develop the modern mental tools for functioning as human being during the next ten years. The alternative is indeed ignorance and that requires no teacher.

The modern artist is always aware of these pseudo pedogogists, will overcome all their obstacles, just as impressionists once did, and forge a vision of what our contemporary world is all about, where is techonogy going, and ponder the post-biological human view of the universe.

The modern artist knows first hand that human minds trapped in meat brains is already absurd. The Library of Congress warehouses several hundred million books and documents. New truckloads arrive daily. The smartest flesh brain can read no more than 20,000 books in a lifetime, leaving all contemporary brains essentially ignorant of current knowledge collections. Everyone finds it impossible to read all the books and other information we find. Human flesh brains cannot now directly absorb nor transfer large quantities of information by any means.

The meat brain works poorly, learns slowly, remembers little, then it dies. After learning for several decades, the flesh brain dies, destroying its mind and personality. Humans build libraries and computers to do what their meat brains can never do: preserve large quantities of precise information indefinitely, quickly locate it and process it when it is needed.

The modern artist is extropian. The modern artist recognizes that the biological mind has reached the end of the road. The modern artist knows that the transhuman, post biological world will improve life in every way.

For example, the human retina is almost blind. It cannot see X-rays, magnetic resonance, alpha radiation, radio waves, ultraviolet nor infrared. The postbiological human will be able to "see" all of these, and probably more.

The human body kills other living things for food and is itself food for bacteria, viruses, small plants and animals. It will eventually be devoured by them. The postbiological human will never need to kill anything for food, nor will it ever be food for diseases.

The human body exists for one reason: to feed, transport, protect, and provide input and output devices for the tiny 1200 cc brain that is home for our mind. That is as silly as forcing a hundred slaves to provide for the needs of one blind, deaf old man who can neither walk, talk nor feed himself.

The modern artist knows that the postbiological human will never die.

The modern artist knows that the postbiological human will be millions of times more intelligent than flesh bond humans, and will see the world far differently than we can imagine.

Modern artists are now designing images that will initially power the first posthuman minds, giving them a sense of being, of comfort, and a basis for reference for the quantum growth that will instantly follow. These will be our Mind Children and we will love them.

James Wm. Lewis
Extropian Artist